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Q-Therm Polypropylene random copolymers (PP-R) is thermoplastic material produced through the polymerization of propylene, with ethylene links introduced in the polymer chain. The Q-Therm material possesses a good durability, recyclability and environment-friendly characteristics.

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Advantages of Q-Therm products:
1. Environment
2. Hygienic Suitability
3. Chemical resistanc
4. Mechanical Properties
5. Sound Insulation
6. Ease of Installation
7. Long Service Life
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1. Pipe networks for potable water.
2. Floor heating purposes for residential houses.
3. Industrial pipeline networks.
4. For transporting aggressive fluids and pneumatic systems (considering the chemical resistance).
5. Pipe networks for agricultural and horticultural requirements.
6.Pipe networks for connection of heat pumps.

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Pipe networks have never been easier to install, thanks to the fusion properties of Q-Therm products which made plumping an easier job.

Advantages over conventional systems:
1. Easy installation by fusion technique.
2. Easy Repair/Maintenance.
3. Energy and time saving.

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Q-Therm PP-R Fiber Composite Pipes SDR 7.4 / PN 20
Q-Therm PP-R Fiber Composite Pipes SDR 6 / PN 25
Q-therm PP-R STABI Aluminum Composite Pipes with UV
Q-Therm PP-R STABI Aluminum Composite Pipes
Q-Therm PP-R Solid Pipe SDR 6 / PN 20
Q-Therm PP-R Solid Pipe SDR 7.4 / PN 16
Q-Therm PP-R Solid Pipe SDR 11 / PN 10
Q-Therm PP-R Male Elbow
Q-Therm PP-R Plastic Clamp
Q-Therm PP-R Cross Over (long Type)
Q-Therm PP-R Reducing Tee
Q-Therm PP-R Female Elbow
Q-Therm PPR Wall Mount
Q-Therm PPR Plastic Union
Q-Therm PPR Male Tee
Q-Therm PPR Female Tee
Q-Therm PPR Female Adapter
Q-Therm PPR Male Adapter
Q-therm PPR Bypass Bend
Q-Therm PPR Valve Body
Q-Therm PPR Elbow 45°
Q-Therm PPR Elbow 90°
Q-Therm PPR Equal Tee
Q-Therm PPR Reducing Socket
Q-Therm PPR End Cap
Q-Therm PPR Socket
Valve & Accessories
Q-therm (Normal Pipe Cutter)
Q-therm (Repair Pin)
Q-therm (Automatic Pipe Cutter)